Providing Innovative,  Intelligent and Informed    Services and Solutions
to grow your business.
About Us

Impiserv was formed to meet the growing demand for business improvement services and solutions.
In todays highly competitive world, the need for these types of services and solutions is key to achieving success, ensuring business growth and improved working environments, customer satisfaction and stronger relationships.
Impiserv through a virtual  team of industry experts, proven practices and digital enablers we aim to enhance and assist your business in the areas of; Business Improvement, Sales Practice and Customer Experience.  Doing business Smarter, Faster & Efficiently and with the right tools is key to the success of any business today.

Our  experience in sales and marketing in the ICT sector extends over  a period of 25 years. Working with large technology and service integration companies in South Africa fand Africa as well as representing large multinational technology based companies.  Achieveing individual and colelctive success whilst, delivering high value solutions and services to high profile companies across multiple industries. This experience and passion for technology has led to the establishment of  Impiserv to be an Innovative, Informed and Intelligent organisation to help your business and people to be successful. 
Impiserv is an Innovative,Intelligent and Informed partner.
Impiserv’s mission is to become a trusted partner in your business, to assist, complement and advise your current organisation to meet its business and strategic objectives.
Our Services
Business Improvement
In todays competitive world, the need to maintain your current business, while improving your business processes and services is key to the success and growth of your business.
Impiserv provides advisory and consulting services and solutions for:

  • Application Lifecycle Management.
  • Enterprise Systems Management.
  • FIntech
  • Payment solutions
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Service Desk
Sales Practice
Sales is core to growing and maintaining your business growth. Impiserv provides consultative approach to assist to advise and assist in developing your sales strategy and process.  Our unique program will empower your Sales Team from practical and real life experiences.
The following services and solutions are provided to enhance your sales strategy:
  • Sales Team Coaching and Mentoring
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Tools and Automation
  • Sales Process and Strategy 
  • Strategic Account Planning
  • Business Development

Customer Experience
Customer Experience and sentiment is vital in understanding the impact it has on your business. Impiserv provides a set of solutions and service to assist companies in measuring, analysing, managing and responding to customer experience and needs whilst improving customer loyalty and profits.
Our Solutions and services include:
• Customer surveys
• Customer experience
• Customer enablement solutions
• Customer Relationship Management
• Net Promoter Score (NPS)
• Core value and KPI assesments